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August 25th - August 31st 2019


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  • Dr. Dittmar Rasierseife
  • Mühle STF L
  • L'espagnolette 6/8 Émeraude
  • Klar Klassik Rasierwasser
  • Klar Klassik EdT
Stirling Kong,
Rustic Shaving Soap SandalRose,
Rockwell 6C Gunmetal @5,
PolSilver Super Iridium (1),
Tunney alum,
Pitralon Polar.


Although I have a Black Beauty Adjustable same age as me, I used a modern razor for this birthday shave
It just shaves me a lot better and I didn't bring to our lovely campsite.
Prep creme
Shaving Soap: Stirling Glacial Lemon Chill
After Shave : Osage Rub
After Shave Balm: Treufitt & Hill West Indian Limes
Eau de Toilette: Treufitt & Hill West Indian Limes

Shaving Brush: J&T Notenhout / Maggard Silvertip Fan 2 bander 30 mm. SHD
Safety Razor: Paradigm 17-4
Razor Blade: Gillette Nacet

The first acquaintance with the borrowed J&T brush of my young friend Kingjack was a bit disappointing.

A lovely big knot but because it is a densified brush it is also very stiff.
For shavers who prefer to lather on the face it will be a fantastic brush. But I almost always use a shaving bowl and then I think the regular 30mm. silvertip badger will please me more.

And how nice it is to be a lover of menthol in both shaving soaps and after shave with this weather. That delicious cooling when the white ground crystals do their job. :sabber1

I really wonder if there are any shavers to be found who don't like this. :confused
J&T® Padoek finest 2-band badger Virginia Sheng,
Stirling Varen,
RazoRock Game Changer 0.84-P,
Tip Personna? 5th x,
Stirling Fern ASB,
Loris E-003 Acqua Di Gio .


Brush and soap:
J&T® Padoek finest 2-band badger Virginia Sheng and Stirling Varen:
We' ve got the head off again, for now caravan shaving. Very limited but good choice. That started this morning with the Stirling Varen. This soap provides a dam of a foam and a deep firm fern smell. The mossy wet forest air with mowed grass at the edge of the forest. Tasty!
Blade and razor:
The Tip Personna? used for the 5th x.
The Tip again did a good job and met my 5 standard. Didn't expect anything else. As a combination in the Game Changer it was just a little bit better than the previous 4 turns. If the blade was average, it is now just good. Funny that such a razor has that effect.
Result: BBS.
Finally: Since I did not bring any matching AS, not handy, but I have something to look for later in Germany, directly the balm and then a puff Loris Acqua Di Gio, also nice grassy.
Now enjoying the sunshine in Drenthe! See: On the road
Hey Friends,

after coming home from a hard days work, i needed my Shave. So, here is what i've used:

Razor: Merkur 1904 OC
Blade: Polsilver Super Iridium
Soap: Phoenix and Beau Spitfire
Brush: RazoRock Barber 24
Aftershave: CH Pitralon
Pomade: Shear Revival Crystal Lake

Great shave!!! This razor has been Cerakoted so i think, that it glides better than a "non cerakoted" razor, but maybe it's just my imagination.

Super smooth and gentle.

Did i tell you, how much i love the scent of this soap?! The scent reminds me of an old, comfortable wing chair in a room full of books. Heavenly!!!

So, this beeing said, i wish everyone a greatSunday and a great start into the new week.
Stirling 26/54,
Kshaveworx Frozen,
Tatara Masamune CC,
Ladas (1),
Rosewater/Lemon eau de cologne.


During the holidays we were wandering in a rosegarden in Namur we stumbled upon, we sniffed the different roses, we blown off our socks when we smelled this one special rose.
The scent was a delicious combination of fresh rose and some citrus ...
So that what I was trying to achieve with mixing the rosewater and the lemon; it is a nice blend, but not as nice as the real thing
AP Shave Co Synbad 30 mm
SV Opuntia
Colonial Razors - The Silversmith
Gillette 7 O’Clock Super Platinum (1)
Stirling Baker Street ASB

First shave with the Silversmith. I choosed a medium agressive blade and that turned out very well. My first impression is that the razor feels very, very mild on the face but delivers a close shave. Testing to be continued. Have a good day!
  • Fatip Piccolo OC
  • Polsilver Super Iridium (1)
  • J&T Marblewood 26mm Tuxedo
  • Stirling - Varen
  • Stirling AS Balm - Varen
  • Loris - So Oud
This was my shave yesterday, but i celebrated my birthday early because of when the kids had time in their busy agenda to visit, and happily there was a day that they all shared. Organising the BBQ, and setting up the house for the hungry hordes just ate away my time, and after the last went, all i wanted was to get all the mess cleaned up and go to bed :kopfkissen
The only one thing not on my top 5 list, was the DE Blade, never used them before, would you believe i eyed my razor twice to see if any blade was in there? This blade makes the Fatip so smooth and fast, it really feels like no blade is inserted whatsoever, but the end result is BBS & DFS and whatever other syllables describe a perfect shave!
All in all a birthday worthy shaving experience. Sigh, on my real birthday i will be hunted down by physiotherapists, they will spend an hour torturing me on all different kind of devices to see what is still possible for me, now there is a 'fine' birthday gift :augenroll1

Talking about BBQ, why is it i always have to much stuff? And why the heck do they always wanne drink what i got the least off? :cocktail1
Prep creme
Shaving Soap: Stirling Glacial Lemon Chill
After Shave : Kremlon IJs Eau de Cologne
After Shave Balm: Treufitt & Hill West Indian Limes
Eau de Toilette: Treufitt & Hill West Indian Limes

Shaving Brush: J&T Notenhout / Maggard Silvertip Fan 2 bander 30 mm. SHD
Safety Razor: Paradigm 17-4
Razor Blade: Gillette Permasharp

Unfortunately this shaving brush with the Maggard SHD knot can't convince me during the second deployment.
This shaving brush is too stiff for me because of its compacted bristles through its strong backbone.

And then it turns out to have the value of a nice group of shaving friends who offer you products to try out.

Because I had asked my young friend to put this knot in my J&T as well, but fortunately he had taken it with him on his last visit.
Should we still think about what to do now ........maybe the ordinary Silvertip which is more flexible. :confused