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Finished soaps and creames


Well-Known Member
Do not finish a lot of soaps but, finished this one.
On the my next finish soap ( i take 1 soap i want to finish and shave with it twice a week other days something
else, untill it is finished.


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I use for years and I like it very much, protection is fine but i a have a lot of experience. It doesn’t matter what equipement, soap or blade I use I get always a great shave.
The smell of this cream is compleet different from all other soaps I used and the aftershave smell to alcohol and menthol.


New Member
Just finished a P&B Baskerville today.

Lovely soap. Nice scent.


Yes it was. A very spicey and dry scented soap. I used it too much in a short period of time so I don’t have the intention to buy another tub.