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Hone of the day (HOTD)


Tell us about what you honed today, which hones you used, what kind of finish and stropping. Any hints or best practices? Share them, discuss them, we are all eager to see and learn!

Today I sharpened my new Dorko Gold. After some basic cleaning with paste, WD40 and glass fibres, I started right away with the basic bevel on my NSS 800. After that I went on with my Coticule, using the coticule method with slurry. I finished with the coticule and flowing water. Finally I stropped the blade 20 times on my clench and 60 times on leather. HHT was already possible after the stone on some parts of the cutting edge. After the stropping it was as good as it can be!

Every Dorko I own is very easy to sharpen, but this one all but honed itselfdaumenh! Very impressive!

The shave was gentle and smooth. One of the fastest honings I ever did with one of the best results - in comparison to the basic setup.goodjob!
I did a touch up today of my J. A. Henckels 17 1/2 on my Hard Oozuku
I used a Tsushima Black Nagura to make a light slurry which I diluted a couple times and ended on water only.
The Tsushima is rather soft at about 5k grit but gets finer and finer when you hone.

So the first time using my (new to me) Nakayama, i used my practise razor a #49 F. Herder with a new plastic scales and w wedge.

Progression 3/5K Naniwa super stone, Nakayama with TBN, Mejiro, Koma and a new tomo nagura.

Shave was very nice, used a Shavemac DO1 2 band 24 mm with MDC Argumes a very nice citrus soap and after a used a resfreshing Osaga Rub.

A nice start learning this new stone, a good weekend everyone :)
Tonight i first lapped the new Naniwa Hayabusa, was quickly done with the Atoma.

For razor I used one of my practise razors a Frederik Reynolds 6/8 hollow with new p plastic scales and wedge.


Naniwa chosera 1K
Naniwa Gouken Hayabusa 4 K
Unknown Jnat midrange
Nakayama with Mejiro Koma and tomo

For a first time i must say i like t h e 4K it was a quick stone but it did load with swarf quickly, I think i heard someone say to use slurry to counter that,
will try that next time.

Used the Nakayama for the second time, and i must say i love the feeling when honing on this stone.

Will testshave tomorrow or this weekend and see how the edge is.
This evening I honed the Fortunatus wedge. The edge was ok, went back to 2, 5 and 8K on the waterstones, followed by Mejiro and Nagura on the Jnat. This progression gave me great results for the last weeks on the straight razors, and now also on this wedge it looks good.
Tomorrow the shave with the L’Essor I got some years ago from @Snuff .


After about 3 years of usage I gave my Portland Hart Steel a touch up on a grey slate floor tile :D
I did it the coticule way with slurry created by a mini Escher.
After that I stropped 20 times on my palm and 60 times on leather followed by a nice and smooth shavedaumenh! What a great morning rasierensmilie
I'm still a newbie to straight razor honing.

I honed this razor; a false framebrack. It is marked edego. I have found no reference to the manufacturer.

I followed the unicot method on a coticule. I fineshed with some Laps on a charnley forest (at least I think it is one).

I used it with glycerine and water. I also bought ballistol. But first I wanted to try the glycerine.

Yes I'm very happy with the hone. I bought it together with a llyn idwal from an antique vintage tool website from GB. They seem to know their stuff. They had a lot of different hones on offer.

It is really a big one at least 20cm long and 5cm wide. It is glued into the box.
For the finishing of this razor i used a Narutaki Jnat. It a little slower than my Kiita or Oozuku but the finish is excellent. I have used it on a number of razors and whatever nagura or tomo I use after a 5k synthetic hone the shave is always quite comfortable.