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Hone of the day (HOTD)


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This Mann & Federlein 14 has lost 1/3 of its length and after removing a small chip it’s still 24 mm wide.
I love shorties, I usually use them for testing purposes.
I also had to shorten some old scales to do a shave test tomorrow
if everything turns out right I will do Some more work on it
Bevel setting on choseras and final finishing on my Kiita



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Great stone!
Actually the light ones are more coarse.
I have 3 Cretan hones, their levels spreads between „considerably coarser than my king 1000“ (it’s the lightest one) and „mid range up to PreFinisch“ (it’s the darkest one).

btw. you can use it with oil or on water with slurry (best is to rub it with another piece of Cretan hone).
On water only it will get clogged by metal particles soon and will need to be lapped down.


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So got a new Naniwa Professional 3k to replace my Naniwa Super Stone 3k, just flattened it with my Atoma 400, man thus is a hard stone, took my 25 minutes to get it flat.

Then a little test hone, took 1 of my test razors a Gold Dollar which had a Jnat edge, killed the edge and reset the bevel with the Professional 3k, this is good cutter.

Then I tried to do a 1 Stone hone with my natural combo coticule so raised a slurry and did quite a few halfstrokes then made new slurry repeated and began diluting with x strokes.

Finished under running water.

Then the shave, it was the best 2 pass shave I had with a coticule edge I made myself a comfortable shave but a shave after which you can shave the next day . So not as sharp as 1 of my Jnats edges, but a very comfy shave.
First time coming off with a good edge with only the coticule, but I will still need a few more tries to get more consistency with this stone.


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I acquired a very old (1786) coti last week, cleaned it up and rounded the edges to see what it is capable of

it still needs to be lapped and at this moment is has an up and down slope and a narrow part in the middle but you can do half strokes without to many problems.

its very fast, I used an atoma diamond plate generated slurry and it only took me 5 minutes to have armhair tree topping.
the shave was not quite wat I expected so I did some very light strokes on a les latneuses bout I have.
The shave this morning was as good as it gets

i have already ordered a larger les lats bout.

B18D1728-3FAC-495D-8778-F6C38C383D28.jpeg CCF88871-0BCA-41B9-A1E6-375C60EB8009.jpeg 43F277F0-20B2-432C-9488-429A0E7EB5FA.jpeg
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I worked on the holeka (the lower one in the picture). I sanded away all the corrosion. But it is very hollow grounded. And the pitting is near the edge. I tried to get an even edge on it. But micro chips keep apearing. I don't think it will get a good edge.

For the l'espagnolette I used a dmt with honing oil to set the bevel. It is a wedge. I saw ulrik beyer doing that on the sister forum. Finishing stone was a coticule. Shave wasn't bad but can be better.



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@SammieM and @Tony this is the video I was refering to
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My dmt plate hasn't broken in like the one of koraat, but it has a finer grit. I haven't used it much. I bought it at the time to sharpen speed skating blades, but I had inconsistent results. Most of the time I use a combi dmt for speedskates. Only very light pressure has to be used. The stone works better with light presure then really applying pressure.


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I haven’t tried using a worn out dmt for bevel setting, as I don’t have one. I only have Atoma for stone lapping, 400 & 1200. All the bevels I have seen that were created with diamond plate however had chips in them. I cannot attest how much pressure they used, but the chips were there. I hope you get better results from yours.