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Le Coq


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Since these pretty French cocks have not yet been introduced, I will start with an adjustable Le Coq - Licence Palmer:

The adjustment mechanism to adjust the blade gap is as simple as effective: The blade is simply pushed upwards by the spring when the adjusting knob is turned to the left at the bottom and "retracted" together with the head plate by turning to the right. All in all, the razor shaves very gently but effectively. But I had set it to 5+. Thats why the razor now has a new home.

LeCoq5.JPG LeCoq6.JPG LeCoq8.JPG LeCoq9.JPG


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Some Le Coq adjustable (one non-adjustable) images from my collection:




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Thanks a lot Richard!

Seems my acquisition is the same model as the fine razor in the OP. And now somebody even suggestd to me that this specific model may even be plated brass and not zamak?!?! That would be a joy. But can anyone either confirm or the opposite?

Thanks a lot for any input!
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I believe the razor at the top (mine, these days) is the non-Zamac one. Post #3 shows a side by side of the Zamac and non-Zamac razors, where the Zamac is not license Palmer.
I'm not by definition anti-Zamac btw. Zamac is produced in five or six different qualities, and most of the time, for razors the good stuff is used. For a short period the bad stuff was used, and that is where Zamac got its bad rep. The good stuff is still used in cars, in the US.