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Also a model 34, but this one is New in Box. Never opened. I like to call it my Schröedinger's Razor :) The last pic in the previous post shows both 34's together.
DSC01555.JPG DSC01556.JPG DSC01557.JPG DSC01558.JPG DSC01559.JPG DSC01560.JPG


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Hopefully when @efsk covers Leresche history, he will cover the Leresche 77. This has got to be the most unusual and scariest looking razor I own, although I am sure efsk has scarier and more unusual looking razors. ;)

This razor has the guard as part of the cap and the base plate only secures the blade. In addition, the guard has upward facing teeth that look like that giant shark in the movies. The most unusual part, though is that it is a medium to mild shaver and very comfortable.

l774.JPG l775.JPG l771.JPG l772.JPG l773.JPG

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Indeed, a razor that looks dangerous.

It's still remarkable how many designs have been released in all those years and for us it's nice that you show them to us.


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Same razor as above except it is cased and instead of chrome it is nickel. Unless it is silver and it has yellowed. Some platingissues near the top of the handle.
Last pic shows it next to the chrome one above.
DSC03288.JPG DSC03289.JPG DSC03290.JPG DSC03293.JPG DSC03294.JPG DSC03295.JPG DSC03296.JPG DSC03297.JPG DSC03298.JPG


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a recent acquisition, asking to be shown here:
A bit enlarged:
It is a very nice travel set, Gillette old type style, but with a twist:
The comb is obviously modified in the way that the teeth are flattened to give it more blade exposure.
The set is very nice, blade banks are marked Leresche, it still has a Leresche soap and brush:
SAM_2323.JPG Did wander about the teeth, and found other leresche's in my collection with the same flattening:
SAM_2326.JPG Btw, the travel set came with two different blades:
SAM_2325.JPG And yes, I still need to shave with it...the flattened teeth make me curious though.


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I used to own these two great condition sets. I really like Leresches for their mild shave, however they saw no use so I moved them on. I forget the set #’s but the one in the back has that awesome ‘double knurling’, wonderful.

Also, if you are into Leresches see this great website for model overviews - made by Cha-Wing!! - note that there is English translation also
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Very unusual handle on the bottom one. That one looks like three piece where most of the others were ones with the handle attached to the base plate.:daumenhoch