May 17th to May 23th


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Razor: Timeless Bronze 0.38 (USA)
Blade: Gillette Platinum (UK)
Pre-Shave: Prep Crème (UK)
Shaving Bowl: None
Soap: KEPKINH Frosty Lemon (Greece)
Brush: Yaqi 24mm Aqua Highmountain Silvertip Badger Shavingbrush (China)
Aftershave: Kruidvat Alum (NL)
Aftershave: Brut Original
Aftershave: Hawkins & Brimble post shave (UK)
EDT: Brut Original

After nine shave i can say that the Timeless Bronze is a smooth but effiecient shaver.

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SU-Patron Gold

Pre-Shave: Blackbeards Revenge

Shaving Soap/cream: Vitos Ice Rosemary
Shaving Brush: Shavemac 26 mm. Fan Silvertip Badger DO1

DE-Razor: Razorock Gamechanger SB 0,84
DE-Blade: Gillette Wilkinson Sword

Aftershave: Brooklyn Soap Company
Aftershave balm: Prep

Life is sometimes full of disappointment. :(

Because when you buy a soap called Ice Rosemary you expect a refreshing feeling on the skin of menthol and a delicious Rosemary (one of my favorite fragrances) smell.

Unfortunately the Vitos doesn't have both so this is one of a kind: use it once and never again.


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So last 3 weeks my father made me a new bathroom. The pictures are my small shavesupplies in the new situation.
For my first shave i honend a Gold Dolla with Naniwa chosera 1k, Naniwa super stone 3 K after that coticule with water.
Shave Shavemac DO1 2band soap BDF mistero and AS Pinaud citrus musk.

Nice shave ( razor could have been a little keener but a nice shave nontheless)Unfortunatly i was not paying attention when my wife walked in and i cut myself underneed my glasses ( The same spot ii uysseally cut myself) Thankfully i had a styptic pencil, think it was 2 years ago had to use it last.
Have a great weekend everyone!
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