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I have closed the old reservation thread.
Till further notice, this new thread will serve as reservation thread for the Coticules in the Vault.
[note]Please make sure you understand what the Vault is all about: more information[/note]

[warn]Please do not post anything else in this thread than your reservation request. All posts of another nature will be deleted. If you have a question, post it in a new thread.[/warn]

The new reservation system works according to the following rules.

1. once the test results on a new batch are published, I will make an announcement in this thread.
2. From that moment, you can make a reservation, even if someone else did so already. Please do not worry about being second or third. The very reason for this approach is to give everyone a fair chance to reserve a particular stone, also those that are not camping behind their computer 24h a day. Being first means nothing. This reservation window will stay open for 5 days.
3. During this window, you may not reserve more than one Coticule.
3. After the reservation window closes, stones that remained unclaimed can be reserved immediately at any time.
4. If there are several reservations for the same Coticule, at the end of the initial 5-day reservation window, the person with the most credit points "wins" the reservation. (see below to learn about credit points). If there are people with equal credit points, one of my kids will draw a name.
5. If you "loose" a reservation, you will receive 1 credit point. This significantly increases your chance on "winning" a next attempt. Once you successfully reserved a Coticule, your credit points will be reset to zero. Credit points can not be traded or transferred to other members. They only serve to give guys that had bad luck, an advantage next time.
6. Once you have made a reservation, you are expected to honor your buyer's intent. Ardennes will contact you to arrange for payment and shipment. If money is so tight that the slightest setback is going to force you to break a given word, please refrain from making a reservation.

So much for the rules.

Below is the current list of Coticules, available for immediate reservation (5 day window already expired)

Coticules that are in a 5-reservation window, will be put in a separate post (within this thread) for the duration of the window.

Reservations are only valid when posted in this thread.

PLEASE CONFIRM THE PRICE WITH ARDENNES when they contact you about the purchase.

n°13. select: €53 reserved for Backhertz
n°30. €74: reserved for skhazle
n°47. select: €38 : reserved by Scott Lang
n°50. special price: €50: reserved for Dennis Kelly
n°56: 100€: reserved for cyclelu
n°57: 98€: reserved for Bluedun.
n°58: 102€: reserved by excel_1111
n°59: 73€: reserved for polskifiat
n°60: 57€: reserved for Matt
n°61: 73€: reserved for A.Mac
n°62: not available for reservation
n°63: 159€: reserved for Waldemir Queiroz
n°64: 27€: reserved for Jimmyman
n°65: 53€: reserved for Scott Lang
n°66: no test results yet
n°67: 98€ reserved for Donald
n°68: 58€: reserved for Nathan Zimmerman
n°69: 98€: reserved for Dennis Kelly
Reservation window -ENDS on October 7th at 23h59:

n°56: 100€
n°57: 98€
n°58: 102€
n°59: 73€
n°60: 57€
n°61: 73€
n°62: not available for reservation
n°63: 159€
n°64: 27€
n°65: 53€
n°66: no test results yet
n°67: 98€
n°68: 58€
n°69: 98€