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Now Then You Guys


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Quite interresting you did so well -having Aspergers syndrome- that is remarkable. Used to work with people suffering from Aspergers,autism,ADHD and OCD. They did not do well,however they were suffering extremely hard.


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Thank you, Torbs!
Responsibility is the key. I was forced to be responsible and heavily punished for slacking. I was not allowed to be "just a kid;" given no sympathy and schooled by menopausal penguins with no empathy.
The suffering still is felt, I was very fortunate to have been a high function case. I am still affected and still have minor OCD and ADHD so I have tried to find occupations where those specifics are tolerated or even required. The hardest part is to learn reactions which are, at first, mimicking other folks behaviors. Most children do it automatically, but we have to learn the hard way, and/or do not perceive nor respond to social cues. Some of us are not lucky enough to be able to substitute programming/programmed responses for assimilated interpersonal skills. As such, we tend to be either followers till we find that "The Emperor has no clothes" and then we point it out or some others, become people hating avoiders or controlling experts. Some of us have have developed many possibilities. I got fired often and then had to learn a new trade because I couldn't keep my mouth shut regarding, what were to me, glaring inadequacies in management and facilities. We often develop protective colorations, become people pleasing chameleons and are one thing to each person/area of our lives, and find ourselves in deep trouble when two areas coincide. Again some of us use the coloration to control others in our sphere of action, develop laziness, and avoid responsibility. That type can be recognized by their passive/ aggressive interaction with their surround until the responding person comes and then being sweetness and light, knowing that that person controls the keys to their happiness! The line is very thin between Asperger's and early learned controlling behaviors.

And, yet, I am more fortunate than many others! And even more so since I have learned to give thanks for what I have, and even more for that which I have missed.


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Even though I'm not on here that often (I actually do stuff :scared: ), I'll share my love with you for one of the most awesome people I know: ME!:thumbup:

Kidding aside, the picture on the left is me, although I'm not that sharp in real life. The handlebar kinda thingy is gone now, though. I'm Dutch, under thirty and currently residing in Finland where one of these days I will hope to finally finish my master thesis in English Philology. I'm a bit of a slow starter, and everytime I sit down to do anything it feels as if I'm starting from scratch.

So yeah, a bit lazy as well. Being without a job at the moment, and quite comfortable with this (although I sadly will hae to look for a job so I can actually pay the rent :p ), I have plenty of time to play fix up razors and do a bit of amateur theatre in Helsinki. That is of course, besides vacuuming, washing dishes, doing laundry and cleaning cat poop. I guess you can call me an emancipated part-time verbal chauvinist, if that makes any sense.

That's about it, I guess, now I must be off to scratch my ass, shower and shave (first time in three days, so no, I'm not obsessed).


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Rolf & Bart: Thanks. School stuff, yay :rolleyes:

I'll probably be a little more active around here, especially when the mail finally gets my two coticules from Belgium to me. So far it's been a month of mess ups and they haven't even made it back to the seller. It would have been faster driving there. In reverse. Oh well, I'm good at waiting.


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I didn't receive the coticules yet, that's the first and last time I'll use tntpost for sending something :mad:

If they show up I'll let you know. Welcome to the forum btw, greets ron


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Yeah, they reall enjoy sorting their mail, very *ahem* meticulous. It has to be the best sorted package in the history of mail, spending over twenty days being sorted. :p

But I'll stop myself from yappin' on and on in this thread, I know myself too well, and this might not be the place.

So again, hello and get on with the show.


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haven't been to this part of the forum that much, so I thought I'd show my face...

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a slightly drunkin version of me from 2 weeks ago, helpfully provided by my little sis.

and one of me in bath two months ago...
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was going to do some tap dancing, but, as you can see they went missing...