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The Oblyc is a very nice razor with adjustable tilt. It is basically the same head as the Volcanic with a different handle. Here's a nice travelset. Not sure if the brush is original. Head is branded Oblyc No2, BvteSGDR. Made by Unis France.
DSC04541.JPG DSC04542.JPG DSC04543.JPG DSC04544.JPG DSC04545.JPG DSC04546.JPG DSC04547.JPG DSC04548.JPG DSC04549.JPG DSC04550.JPG DSC04551.JPG


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I recently got one and shaved with it a couple of times. Although it doesnt replace any of my keepers(I dont keep many, 10 or a bit more), It is an amazing shaver. Far better shaver than Kabrand, which also has a tilting head. But design-wise, Kabrand is definitely the winner.

Maybe my No 1 shaver among Gillette Old Styled head models, which include lots of decent razors like Leresche 51, Fatip, Wardonia OC, etc.