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Are you as annoyed as I am?


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I was reading at SRP and somehow, I don´t know whether it is worth looking there anymore. It´s all about Eschers, JNats and other fancy hones… The more you got, the better you are. And the razors there are not really the way I like them. Mirrored Buffer-Victims with G10/Acrylic scales… Not to mention this whole coticule-thing…

I know, not all of the threads/posts look that way, and mostly, the information is valuable, but still, if I hadn´t found this and other sites, I think that I´d have spent even more money on hones and stuff, than I did already.

I know, this is a useless post, but I just needed a little pressure-relief valve…



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I'll admit that I find that entire site somewhat annoying. I can't buy into the idea that one needs to hone thousands of razors to actually be able to hone a razor, nor do I believe that good advice should be doctored to increase sales. And that is my biggest problem with that site: the vested interest in selling something. TBH, I've had the thought more than once that some of the "people" are actually shills.

WetShaving World started out with a bit of promise, but it seemed to be lurked by the same group of "Power Honers" and then they killed off all the interesting, open-minded people. Agendas and vested interests... I'm sick of being advertised to, no matter how you do it, and yes, Virginia, I will hone it myself!


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Please don't get my SRP banned friends started. You are both more than correct!! Denny


Let me begin by clearly stating that without SRP, the straight razor shaving scene today would look dramatically differently. I personally believe that we should be grateful to Lynn and a number of other veterans for sticking with the hobby, the site and the people.

Now, there is a tendency in any social community to grow, branch, fork, re-align, and so forth. Arguably, B&B, WSW and a few other sites would not exist in their current shape or form if it were not for SRP.

Whatever its shortcomings, SRP still sets the agenda. A lot of good ideas get generated there, probably more than anywhere else - across the board. The site has about 20k users, of which more than 2k are permanently active. And you simply cannot cater to anyone's needs and likings.

So you are annoyed? Easy. Quit. I did. SRP is an oil tanker, this site is a speedboat. There are pros and cons for both. But I personally prefer speedboats :)



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While I actually like SRP I'll keep my own council as to what I think about some of the comments made about coticules on that forum.
The less said, the better.


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BeBerlin said:
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100% Agreement, although I´m not long enough into it, to notice how SRP influenced the Straight razor scene. But still, I have the feeling that the site is a bit stuck in certain ways of behaviour. Your oil tanker vs. speedboat comparison is very good: I don´t like oil tankers at all, but you need oil to run a speedboat.

wdwrx said:
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OT.: That reminds me of that one song from the Dresden Dolls… don´t really know the name right now.
EDIT: It´s "Mrs. O".



Tok said:
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I'll quote you on that.
De gustibus non est disputandum and everyone is free to get his old Sheffield mirror buffed and rescaled in green glow-in-the-dark acrylic if he likes it. But then please don't call it a restore!

If a razor has damaged scales, they should be repaired, and if it's impossible, it should be rescaled with the same material, or with something very similar, copying the shape of the original handle.
Sometimes, when I see one of these old blades rescaled with an handle that really doesn't belong to it, I am tempted to buy it just to really "restore" it to its original dignity.:lol:

The same happens to the blades... it seems that most people think that the only way to restore a blade is to buff it to mirror. But in the past, not all blades were mirror-polished... some steels even can't be polished to mirror because that would bring in evidence the grain of the metal creating a pockmarked effect that looks like shallow pitting from corrosion but is not. And I have seen some of these on SRP...
Also, a shiny polished finish shouldn't be called a "mirror" finish if the marks from the buffer wheel are still visible.


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I will reserve my judgement on SRP for I do not believe this is the place to get into all that.
I am not banned, some of my respected friends are though, and that is part of the reason I for one no longer log on there.

That said, each to his own and all that, and yes speed boats do need oil to run, however before it is of any use it must first be refined, that is all the shit has to be taken out, if you catch my drift... Lol

Respects and regards
Ralfson (Dr)


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hoglahoo said:
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I go to the local library when I want to read something else for a change.:lol:

Ah well, all this quarreling in the margin of a hobby, it is not worth the energy. I have learned that the hard way.
It's like driving a car through Belgian traffic. It doesn't help to get all worked up over it. Actually, that only makes the experience worse. It's much better to flip the internal switch to Zen-mode. I know, I know, that switch has a spring that makes it flip back at unsuspecting times.:rolleyes:

Kind regards,


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Bart said:
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Great words from a great man.

I find that each forum has its own personality. I don't agree with any one of them at all times, but what I do know is that I can learn a lot from any and all of them at one time. Life is like that, you have to wade through to find the knowledge. But this is true in any hobby where a lot of opinions abound it doesn't matter the level of research done. Case-in-point look at the finishing section of any woodworking forum. There are people who devote their lives to wood finishes, yet the debates in this section is still one of the hottest debates next to politics or religion.


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You see, Tok, you just haven't learned the company line. Here, I've got some reading for you that I will cite as expert advice- because I wrote it last year- and that will prove that anything you have to say has been said better before (and correctly).

I guess you are just another bad machine...:lol:



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Few things:

1) You have to understand that SRP is the genesis of all things wetshaving fora related on the internet. It was the original wetshaving forum, and without it, there is a really good chance that none of us would be here discussing this little stone from Belgium. As such, it seems strange that anyone would find the fact that everything is covered there (Eschers, Japanese Naturals, Synthetics, various razors of different tastes, etc.) annoying.

2) This thread would be much better placed at SRP as it has absolutely nothing to do with There is a
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just for this sort of thing there...

3) Myopia isn't a good thing B)


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Hi Paul,
I am not annoyed by databases (which I believe are wiki's, and therefore open, therefore a possibility to make a difference if desired...) nor am I particularly annoyed by bad advice. I put my two cents in elsewhere in order to give another perspective, an I am happy with that.

What does annoy me, which Tok unfortunately is subject to due to his forum participation, is fallacious and dishonest argumentative strategies (circular, straw man, and begging the question arguments, to name a few concrete examples) with the sole purpose of putting an uppity upstart in their place. My posting here is to add my sympathy for his situation.

I don't believe anyone would be annoyed who didn't feel some attachment to the forum endeavor. This is a confirmation of these forum's role in our lives, not a condemnation of any set of participants. If we didn't care we would just go away. I also reserve the right to call daddy a jerk, if he's acting like one. Sitting on laurels is not a very attractive position, and I see no reason why it should be respected or have the weight to silence discussion.



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No,I`m not really annoyed as I never go there anymore ;)

Life is too short to get annoyed at a website. If you dont like it,dont go there!

The people over at SRP are surely very dedicated and have gathered a tremendous amount of knowledge and information. Make the best use of the information you need and disregard the rest.Heck,all the friendly and helpfull people are right here :w00t:

That`s my two dimes for today.



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TM280 said:
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You don't get to charge in, call me dishonest throwing around different types of logical fallacies, accuse me of sitting on my laurels and trying to silence discussion without at least a response. That's among the most dishonest posts I've seen on this or any other fora.

Unless the list of logical fallacies was to prepare me for what you were about to levy against me?:confused: Because yours were the most concrete examples of those that I've seen...

I simply gave him a brief synopsis of how all got here, and I said he should take his complaints about another site to said site. That is a discussion forum with a section for discussing that forum. If you think it's a good idea to trash other sites, then we'll just disagree on that. I don't think it's wise to lie while calling someone dishonest though. I never tried to silence anything. I said tell the people with whom you have a problem. This isn't some school yard where you are coming to the aid of the someone being bullied. If he has a problem with SRP, then he should go there. In fact, I'm encouraging him to voice his complaints and concerns... just there. You act as if they are some kind of evil which needs to be stood up to.

My point about myopia is a general one, and it's likely that you jumped to another conclusion there, since your propensity to do so was already on display in the rest of that post. There is a great big world out there as it relates to wetshaving, and there's no reason why we should expect anyone to cater to our interests somewhere else... especially when we have a place that does that already.

I find it inconceivable that you or anyone else would come in here acting like it's a bad thing to say "hey, don't talk about them behind their back. Go discuss your differences with them."

Of course, you're not new to the whole misplaced righteous indignation...

I'll not patronize you by signing off "respectfully"...

Later :thumbdown: