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Dec. 1st - Dec. 7th 2019


Well-Known Member
  • Floid Pre Shave Oil
  • Dr. Dittmar Spezial Rasierseife
  • Mühle STF L
  • Progress / 7 o'clock super platinum
  • Tabac AS
  • Tabac EdC
Razor: FaTip Grande OC Gold
Blade: Wilkinson Sword (7)
Pre-Shave: None
Shaving Bowl: Edwin Jagger Inox
Soap: Caola Shaving Cream
Brush: Rossmann Badger
Aftershave: Vergulde Hand Alum
Aftershave: DM Fresh After Shave
Aftershave: DM Q10 Energy After Shave Balsem
EDT: None

Pre-Shave: Housmade Oil Pine/Bergamot/Lavender/Eucalyptus
Shaving Soap: Stirling Christmas Eve
After Shave Balm : Stirling Christmas Eve

Shaving Brush: J&T Notenhout OUMO 30 mm. Fan SHD HMW Silvertip gel tip

DE-Razor: Paradigm 17-4
DE- Blade: Personna Bleu Lab USA 3x

I know the time spirit is changing rapidly so Christmas is also subject to strong inflation with its open furniture boulevards and supermarkets.
However, there are those old fossils that still appreciate these days as yours truly is.

So when Advent time starts there is the start of this pleasant period and also the shaving soaps that have some relation with this time should appear. :weihnachten1

And to get in the mood right away, the Stirling Christmas Eve opened the Advent period.

And a free tip for those who love classical music tonight on ZDF at 18.00 hours a fantastic Advent concert to see from Dresden. :daumenhoch
Hi Friends,

it's the first shave in December :)

Razor: Merkur Progress
Blade: Sputnik
Soap: Boellis Panama Daytona
Brush: RazoRock Barber 24mm
Aftershave: 4711 Portugal Skin Milk

Great shave.

It is the very first time, i've used a product from Boellis Panama. Heared a lot of good things about their products. Yesterday this Soap came in.

It's a fruity, orange like scent with light undertones of wood. The description says Patchouli, but i am not able to detect this.

The lather was very easy to build and it was stable, had plenty of cushion and the bathroom was filled with this elegant scent.

Another product which i haven't used yet, was the Sputnik blade. What a fine Blade this is. Almost as sharp like a Feather, without having this "agressive" sharpness on the first shave. Very smooth and gentle.

The first pass, with the grain, on setting 3, across the grain on setting 2 and against the grain on setting 1. Very nice. I like this combo so far.

After the shave, my Alum Block told me, that it has been a good shave. Only the minimum of stinging, just as it should be.

At last, i used my 4711 Portugal Skin Milk, which complemented the soap very nicely.

Now we go to the "Christkindel Markt" to get this beautiful atmosphere.

Have a great time, stay healthy and enjoy your shaves.

MWF lotion
M-Keramiek scuttle
Proraso boar brush
Puma 9 5/8
Cachet du tabac de Maigret (Elly's wondershop shaving soap)
VDH alum
Thayers witch hazel
Vitos tobacco AS, isana ultrasensitive balsem

Good shave. No feeling of irritation like the last time I used the puma.
  • Charcoal lvl 1 SS
  • Lord Classic (5)
  • Yaqi Purple 26mm
  • Noble Otter - Monarch
2 rounds and touch ups, BBS. I finally have the correct angle for the Charcoal, and when you have, its bloody effective, it gives a very nice shave! The Yaqi is a winner, real soft silk like brush with just enough backbone to function as wanted. The Monarch, still my nr1 soap, it is a feast to use it, the smell is intoxicating, real good, and really heady!
Pre-Shave: American Crew
Shaving Soap: Mama Bears Welcome Home
After Shave: Pinaud Whisky Woods

Shaving Brush: Shavemac 26 mm. Fan Silvertip Badger DO1

DE-Razor: Charcoal SB Level 2
DE- Blade: Treet Platinum 1x

Now I have smelled many an "advent" shaving soap over the years but the for me new Mama Bears is the one with the most beautiful Christmas scent. :weihnachten1