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Eversharp (Norway)


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It was a little confusing, this razor. Eversharp, isn't that Schick? Didn't Gillette have something to do with it back in the day? Big question marks until @sɐǝɹpu∀ found the solution: there was an Eversharp in Norway that was not related to Schick or Gillette. He even showed the
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for it.
Directly the second problem: the razor uses DE blades, but is used as SE. Where does the thing belong? Because of Kabrand I decided to use DE.
Patent is applied for in 1926, granted in 1929, and the razor shows D.R.P.? I cannot decipher the last letter. I think that means this copy is from 1929 or later.
Slender handle, pressing down on the head. Head has a kind of S-shape that protects the blade on one side and provides the foam edge on the other. The shape of the guard is what is patented: the ribs run slanted, like the whole razor head, and this is to smooth the skin.
The most interesting thing for me is of course that this is an adjustable bevel razor, long before the Walbusch B5 came into existence. The adjustability is the easiest there is: turn the handle less tight, and there are larger blade gaps. But they have already thought: there must be a marker so that the same aggression can be chosen.
Nice idea, but what really happens is that the blade is only clamped more or less tightly in the head, where less tight means: it wobbles. Much higher than level 2 means Russian Roulette with the skin.
This all is forgiven. I mean, how pretty is this thing?
DSC09110.JPG DSC09111.JPG DSC09112.JPG DSC09113.JPG DSC09114.JPG DSC09115.JPG DSC09116.JPG DSC09117.JPG DSC09118.JPG DSC09119.JPG DSC09120.JPG DSC09121.JPG DSC09122.JPG DSC09123.JPG DSC09124.JPG DSC09125.JPG DSC09126.JPG DSC09127.JPG DSC09128.JPG DSC09129.JPG DSC09130.JPG DSC09131.JPG
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