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Hone of the day (HOTD)


This Fr. Herder #75 flopped on the mat yesterday and I just had to clean it up. This morning I honed it and did a testshave.
it is a keeper. The spots near the edge will have to stay I am afraid.
probably made in the beginning of 1900.
Honed with synthetics up to 8k and then finished it of on a Kiitta.




This Solingen nr 14 also arrived this week.

synthetic hones up to 8k then an Oozuku and finally a couple of strokes on a Zulu grey
The scales are temporary ones as the original were unusable
The makers mark is G. H. ,unknown to me



my hone of the day is a chosera 800 on which I spent more than a hour yesterday evening

the George Britain flopped on the doormat yesterday and I started cleaning her up. Before putting more effort in the restore I wanted to know if she would take an edge. Nice thin bevel Is to be seen.

1. As shown by seller
2. opening the package 3 cm wide
3. Removed scales and first cleanup
4. choSera 800 with double tape because of bevelangle of 14.5 degrees
5. bevel compared with an other GB

B619B7F2-3B8A-4634-B618-E3839A75CC9C.jpeg BA5AE58D-06C0-4768-B0AD-751E4C7D4489.jpeg D1EBDFB2-1198-43E3-90D8-537D44A74BB4.jpeg 9D3F55A5-7D5E-4651-82FB-04976AB07BC7.jpeg ACB9BD4C-0C65-4B64-8047-69DE0B7477C7.jpeg


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after cleaning and polisch I came to this. Pretty ok. Then sharpened and this time ended on this Coticule. See tomorrow whether this was enough or whether a higher grit should be used.