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Walbusch / Walter Busch & Sohn


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One of the more iconic razorbrands is Walbusch, or, depending on what razor, Walter Busch & Sohn. Based in Solingen, they still exist as a clothing mailorder company (although they have some flagshipstores), but at least during the 30s-50s they sold razors, cigarclippers and lighters as well.
They got their reputation from the B5 model, basically a Progress with tllted blade, but in mPy opinion one of the best razors in existance is their B3, a bakelite tilted blade razor. This B3 was also sold under the Merkur, Zorro, Eros brands, as well as unbranded as "store-brand-razors", however the patent for the distinctive shape of the head was filed by Walter Busch in 1936. Search "Busch" on Andreas's great site and you'll find the patents. I also found a patent that seems to describe the idea of adjusting a razor as is done in the Progress, which apparently is a Walbusch invention as well. This, too, has been made readable by Andreas.

Cream bakelite, possibly pollopas, in a really very nice bakelite case, one of the more beautiful I've seen on a razor. The head is made so the blade is clamped tilted between baseplate and cap, with the cap sporting a hump to force the correct shavingangle.

DSC02624.JPG DSC02626.JPG DSC02627.JPG DSC02628.JPG DSC02629.JPG DSC02632.JPG DSC02633.JPG DSC02634.JPG DSC02637.JPG DSC02638.JPG DSC02639.JPG

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Both of you always leave beautiful pictures and high quality text here, my compliments for that. goodjob!

Now I'm probably the only wet shaver who couldn't shave at all with this safety razor..
Although with every plastic razor I always have a fight.


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Well, this is the B3 for you! Made by Windrose out of cast metal. Good part about using this version is that you can use it to tighten your loose razor scales without taking it out to the work bench. :rofl


I make a Frankenrazor out of it and replace the base plate with an OC base plate. Weight is cut down significantly and still have the funny shaped head. :)



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Windrose is an Ile de France clone.

Back to Walbusch:
As I wrote in the topicstarter, they are famous because of their adjustable tilted razor. Basically a Merkur Progress, except the blade is, well, tilted. Where I do not like most adjustable razors, I cannot have pleasant shaves with Gillette Adjustables for instance, te Progressfamily is an exception to tis rule. As is the B5.
The one shown here, brown bakelite with silver handle (most silver has been polished away) has a small chip of the baseplate. This razor has meanwhile been fitted with a FdR knob. My other brown/silver B5 has more preserved silver, is not yet photographed.
Last pic out of one of my Walbusch broschures, showing the B5.
DSC09826.JPG DSC09827.JPG DSC09828.JPG DSC09829.JPG DSC09830.JPG DSC09831.JPG DSC09832.JPG DSC09833.JPG DSC09834.JPG Walbusch-B5.jpg


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And while we're at it, a gold/white B5. Apparently Walbusch gave one year guarantee on their razors, for this one it started oktober 1956.
There also exists a silver/white one, but I got outbid on that. Fortunately, because I needed the money to pay taxes, a much disliked activity.
DSC02714.JPG DSC02716.JPG DSC02717.JPG DSC02718.JPG DSC02719.JPG DSC02720.JPG DSC02721.JPG DSC02723.JPG


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A brochure out of NSDAP-times, as shown by the post-stamp. Does not mean anything about loyalties of the Walbuschbrand, these were the postage stamps in that era.
wb2-a.jpg wb2-b.jpg wb2-c.jpg
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A Walbusch B3 travelset. Shown above in the broschures, this is the real thing. I've had this kit for a while, but thanks to a fellow collector I managed to upgrade it quite a bit so I can now show you. Mirror is missing, as is the brush. Come to think of it, never seen a Walbusch brush. Should anybody have one: I need it!
Lovely to see that this set actually has two different containers for stick and brush. The brush one has holes, and a thicker lid. Please note the original shavingstick. Not used by me :)
DSC03790.JPG DSC03791.JPG DSC03446.JPG DSC03795.JPG DSC03447.JPG DSC03448.JPG DSC03449.JPG DSC03798.JPG DSC03799.JPG


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A razor I've been looking for a long time is this Walbusch B3. Obviously, more B3 have been shown in this thread, but this one has scalloped safetybars. And that is what the B3 is depicted like on my Merkur B3 shipper.
Case has a sticker on the outside that I do not believe original, and it has part of the original paperwork.
DSC03658.JPG DSC03659.JPG DSC03660.JPG DSC03661.JPG DSC03662.JPG DSC03663.JPG DSC03664.JPG


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Bellissimi questi rasoi @efsk , qualche anno fa non li conoscevo, merito di @Jake se poi sono diventato un vero fan di questo marchio!
Da alcune ricerche che ho fatto ho scoperto (anche grazie ad alcuni forum) che la Walbusch o Walter Busch Sohn era nata come
"Grande Magazzino" poi diventò società commerciale tedesca che importava per corrispondenza (applicando il suo marchio) svariati
articoli per la casa e cura della persona, come: macchine da scrivere, affettatrici, pela patate, ferri da stiro, rasoi elettrici, cavatappi,
posate, schiaccianoci, set per manicure, set attrezzi per auto e tantissimi altri prodotti..
In molti forum di rasatura c'è un pò di confusione..

Gli unici modelli che ha progettato/prodotto la Walbusch sono :
- Walbusch - Anno 1934 in poi (Testa brevettata e successivamente prodotto anche dalla Merkur con nome B3).
prospetto di vendita inviato per posta... all'interno la cartolina da affrancare per inoltrare l'ordine.. questa è la priva versione:




seconda versione (set da viaggio)...




sempre accompagnato dal prospetto di vendita che ne mostrava benefici e costo..


differenze fra prima e seconda versione... (fori sulla testa):





la seconda versione base con l'immancabile prospetto pubblicitario..






devo dire che questi tipi di rasoi sono estremamente rari sopratutto trovarli non scheggiati...


- Walbusch Flexi (Progettato con la Friedrich Herkenrath copiando il modello Mikron Serie 1).
(non sono ancora riuscito a trovare questo rasoio ne pubblicherò solo l'immagine reperita online)


praticamente uguale al mio Apollo Mikron Prima Generazione....



- Walbusch B5 (Progettato con la Merkur fondendo insieme la testa del Walbusch con il sistema di regolazione "Progress").

di questo vi parlerò in un post a parte...



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Thanks Benedetto, very nice examples you show there, including the one Mikron I still covet :)
Also thanks for pointing out first and second gen B3: Was wondering why my traelkit had holes all the way through :)