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"Wetshaving World" forum is gone


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Many of you guys probably already know this, but was a really good forum. "Was" being the operative word, apparently, as the site has been taken down. What a shame. It was a good alternative to... let's just say... that "other" site.

Hopefully, someone will offer to revive it...


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My dear Mother taught me years ago that if I cannot say something nice, to say nothing at all, so in that vein, I shall only say that it was indeed a fine and friendly place to exchange ideas with some good people.

I'm sorry the way it ended.


[c] RW-12,5degrees.png [/c]

Oh, yeah, I think that English tattoo fella deserves bravery award.


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Golly, thank you Robin, not wanting to sound too much like a slow person here, are we talking about the same thing?

Ralfson (Dr)


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Well you know some ego's are quite sensitive at times, most often when they are more used to having their arse licked, and not told what time it is

Honestly though, its no biggy, and I have a wonderful screen shot as a souvenir of all the hard work I did

My warmest regards
Ralfson (Dr)


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Robin, Astrex the gall! (Spl)
thats just plain disturbing! :blink: hahaha

Well, I don't see anything I did as brave, what's to be scared of again? and I just stuck to my morals, thats a no brainer surely?

But I thank you deeply for your kind words

My Warmest Regards
Ralfson (Dr) Enforcer The Infamous Coticule crew (thats my signature on the other fora, oh wait forum I go on) hahaha


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I never visited it but that was Robert Williams' site, right?
In which case this is the 2nd time that happened.
The first time it was in 2007 IIRC.

Btw I note that Ralf is not banned at SRP.
He was for 4 days, for some reason. From the 1st to the 5th it seems.


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When I read words like bravery, courage, honourable, etc.
I think of things like this
Where a Gurkha takes on 40 train robbers when they get ready to gang rape a young girl on the train that was being robbed. With his Kukri knife he killed 3, wounded 8 more, and scared the rest into a run for their lives.

A shaving nerd posting something from behind a computer screen on a shaving forum that other shaving nerds might object to -while involving sharp objects- does not quite compare in the honor and courage department. No offense to the shaving nerds of course. :)