All about wet shaving

Come and join ShavingUniverse, the wet shaving comunity forum for free.

It is all about wet shaving with saftey razors and straight razors. So this is a new meeting point for all people interested in having a great shave.

There are so many different ways to shave. So many choices. Endless options of shaving soaps, shaving brushes etc. Are you interested in straight razors or double edge (DE) or single edge (SE) safety razors? This is why you want to be here.

Do you want more? Do you want to explore the world of honing razors? Are you interested in different shaving brushes, after shaves, shaving creams etc.? Then you are at the right spot. At shavingunsiverse, we talk about everything in our community forum for wet shavers. This is the wet shaving place to be. Both for beginners and “professionals”.

You might be suprised what you end up learning here, explore new stuff which you even did not know before. Do not hesitate. Regsiter for free in our community form. You will not regret it.

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