Information about the archive

Welcome to the world of sharpening with Coticules!

This is a backup site for the original website of Bart Torfs. With the allowance of Bart, I wanted to make sure that this information will not get lost one day.

The original “” site does not work anymore properly due to technical reasons of the outdated software.

This site here contains only the old articles of the original site and we will not develop this site any further.

Please use the drop-down menu above to use the CBE archive.

All thanks for this wealth of information about Coticules and all author rights/copyrights of the old articles belong to Bart Torfs and all the other authors of the old site.

The old forum at called “cafeteria” is now part of We imported all members, all postings and all images into the forum.

If you are an old users of CBE of the cafeteria, please use the password recovery feature in the SU forum, because we could not import the passwords. Please make also sure, that you old email is still valid.

Enjoy it!